I graduated in 2008 from the University of Maryland with BAs in Theatre and Art History. While I’d always known that I wanted to study theatre, I also knew that I wanted a liberal arts education rather than a focused conservatory program, hence my choice of schools. I love acting, but I have plenty of diverse interests, and I wanted to be able to continue learning about all of them and in so doing become a more well-rounded and capable individual. Nevertheless, it can still be difficult to understand how degrees in Art History and Theatre could prepare me for, well, anything in the real world.

To earn those degrees, respectively, I had to take studio art and theatrical design classes. I didn’t discover a great aptitude for painting or an ability to render beautiful costume designs, but what I did realize is that I have a strong visual aesthetic: I understand how to create an arrangement that is visually appealing. In an artistic medium sense, this means that I do really well with collage work. In a real-world-application sense, this means that I’m creative and crafty and I have a great eye. That’s not something that translates well to a line on a resume, but I think it’s important.

Here are the things that do translate:

  • I earned two Bachelor’s Degrees in four years.
  • I graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.62.
  • I earned Academic Honors during six semesters.
  • I studied abroad in London for five months, taking classes through both UMD and London Metropolitan University.
  • I earned an Honors Citation as a member of the Honors Humanities program, an elite, trans-disciplinary program that culminated in the completion of a two year Keystone project.
  • I learned how to juggle.