About Me

I’m an East Coast girl transplanted to Tampa Bay, after a brief stay in the Bluegrass: while I’m still figuring out beach life (and missing the Bourbon a little), I’m still the same girl: an organized, dedicated, creative problem-solver who loves being part of a collaborative team.

I graduated in 2008 from the University of Maryland with degrees in Theatre and Art History. I studied abroad in London, completed the Honors Humanities program, was a campus tour guide, interned at an art gallery, performed in a few productions and worked on many others: basically everything that I could fit into four years, I did.

After graduation I spent a year in NYC before moving back to the DC area, bouncing to Kentucky, then heading to the Sunshine State. Though I continue to be involved in theatre, I get a lot of satisfaction from my offstage roles, as well. Working at Zoe’s Chocolate Co., in particular, gave me a chance to play an integral role in marketing and promotions. With my increased responsibility came a greater sense of accomplishment as my ideas contributed to our relationship with our customers. At Zoe’s, I had an opportunity to utilize a broad range of skills- I created promotional materials, planned events, organized and decorated the store, even wrote an article for a local publication.

I think that with my combined artistic and organizational strengths I have a lot to offer.

Thanks for taking the time to look around my site!